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Partner - $208/month or $2,500/year
Provide a year of education for a student.

Presidential Partner - $416/month or $5,000/year
Provide a year of education for a student and offer financial assistance to those experiencing financial hardship.

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Sponsor a Student:

Partner Program - $208/month or $2,500/year
Presidental Partner Program - $416/month or $5,000/year

UrbanPromise's two schools---CamdenForward School (K-8) and UrbanPromise Academy (9-12)---educate around 180 Camden-area youth each year. Along with the schools' challenging curricula is an emphasis on experiential learning and character development. Sponsoring a student through UrbanPromise's Partner Program provides a Camden child or teen with a year of quality education within a safe and stimulating environment rich in love, structure, and compassion. A Partner's investment of $208 a month ($2,500/year) provides for more than just a student's tuition. Partners encourage and motivate our young people to stay focused on their studies, persevere and overcome challenges, and value their education.

For those interested in supporting our students on an even deeper financial level, UrbanPromise offers the Presidential Partner giving option. Presidential Partners donate a total of $5,000 each year--half of which provides for a student's tuition. The remaining half supports UrbanPromise's Emergency Family Fund (EFF), established to offer monetary assistance to students' families experiencing financial hardship.

UrbanPromise encourages Partners to learn more about their students by attending twice annual Partner Day events at the school, sending birthday and holiday cards, and passing along notes of encouragement to your student. You will also receive at least four correspondences and updates from your student (including a student profile), messages from teachers and administrators, and the opportunity to visit campus during the regular school day.

Emergency Family Fund
The emergency family fund supports critical needs (food, clothing, utilities) and tuition for families of UrbanPromise youth who are facing economic hardship. Consider giving an additional gift of $1, $5, $15 or more. Thank you!